Designer:bioMASON, Inc.
Material:bioLITH™, sterling silver
Dimensions:18 in.

bioLITH™ Necklace

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A sterling silver necklace featuring two polished biocement™ pendants in sterling silver settings. BioCement™ stimulates native soil bacteria to cement soil particles together through a process known as Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation.

bioMASON’s technology uses microorganisms to grow biocement™ based construction materials. The Company’s products include proprietary manufacturing processes and materials used by licensing partners for incorporation in existing facilities or on-site manufacturing. The strength of biocement™ materials is comparable to traditional masonry, and is used as a green alternative. bioMASON’s products are produced in ambient temperatures using locally available materials, without fuel for firing the material. bioMASON enables savings in energy costs and zero carbon emissions.


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