Designer:Reiko Sudo
Material:64% wool, 36% cotton
Dimensions:78.7 x 23.6 in.

Bean Scatter Scarf Blue

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The Bean Scatter Scarf features a design of the azuki and kintoki beans used in Japanese sweets. This ultra-soft shawl is woven with stretchy overspun wool warps on a narrow-width loom used for kimono sashes.

Reiko Sudo (b. 1953) is one of Japan’s most influential contemporary textile designers. She is managing director of NUNO, founded in 1984 by Jun'ichi Arai, and where she has worked since the company's start. NUNO combines the Japanese handcraft tradition with advanced technologies and remarkable creativity, which, over the past thirty years, has led the company to the forefront of innovation in textile design, creating products of extraordinary ingenuity and beauty.


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