Designer:Luisa Cevese
Manufacturer:Luisa Cevese Reidzioni
Material:100% cotton
Made In:Italy

Wax Prints Small Square Bag with Long Handles

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This translucent, waterproof small square bag is embedded with African wax print fabrics, giving immortality to scraps. Features three card pockets on the front and one on the back. Each piece is unique and handmade. 

In 1996 Luisa Cevese founded “Luisa Cevese Reidzioni,” a design studio where she re-appropriates production waste to create new materials. She gathers scraps and encases them in polyurethane to create one-of-a-kind fashion and home accessories.

"The African wax print fabrics we use are 100% cotton and they are from Barbès neighborhood in Paris. They are either scraps or end-of-stock fabrics we get from the tailors that create traditional African clothes for the black and Muslim community that animates the neighborhood." Luisa Cevese


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