Home Puzzle


Designer Joran Briand
Material Wood (PECF)
Manufacturer Cinqpoints
The Home Puzzle is a 17-piece 3D activity that transforms from an architect’s scale to the scale of furniture. The puzzle has 17 pieces, which, when separated, become pieces of furniture or even a town. The game works on the double principal of brainteaser and construction game. Build, un-build, rebuild!

The project home comes from a collaboration between Cinqpoints and Joran Briand Studio. Guided by his architectural expertise, Joran Briand systematically questions the dimension of objects. He confronts the scale of space and furniture, initiating a constant dialogue between them. For Cinqpoints, he has agreed to change playground and propose a sober and relevant object, imposing a synthesis of architecture and design. Combine with chalk for further design fun!