Unseen Back Pack

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Manufacturer The Unseen Emporium
Country United Kingdom
Material Calfskin Leather
Dimensions 32cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 46cm (H)
This beautifully crafted calfskin backpack with adjustable straps and two inside pockets is designed to mirror its environment by responding to fluctuations in air pressure. The specially treated material will transform from black to vivid colors in reaction to the atmosphere. Returning to black when indoors.

THE UNSEEN EMPORIUM opens it’s doors to a magical world of science fused with design; one of the first quartiers to merge scientific innovation and material craft. Treated with UNSEEN magick. Artefacts, Articles & Bespoke made-to-order commodities are on hand for the curious. You will be stirred and enchanted by their offerings.

Hand-Made & Hand-Treated in the UK.