Small Speckled Mug


Designer Peter Shire
Manufacturer Ceramic
Country United States
Material Pottery
Dimensions 3 inches tall
This ceramic mug represents Peter Shire's (American, 1947-) current experiments in pottery and unique glazes. Part of the original Memphis Design group led by Ettore Sottsass in the 80’s, Shire has shown work in the form of sculptures, furniture and drawings around the world including Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Sapporo.

Each piece is hand painted by Shire and is one of a kind. Due to the special production process, the mugs will not be the same as shown on our site.

Echo Park Pottery is a small cottage pottery studio in Peter Shire's hometown of Echo Park, Los Angeles. The studio was born out of Shire's experimentation in making sculptural tea pots in the early 70’s. Working with traditional hand rolled slab construction, the unique speckled collections began when Shire, unsure of what new glaze to make, began to splatter pieces with the extra color glazes on hand.