Feather Pendant by K/ller


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Designer Katie Deguzman/Michael Miller
Manufacturer k/LLER
Country United States
Date 2012
Material Brass
Dimensions 26” Chain
Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller bring their line K/LLER Collection to life by deconstructing found objects to reveal the skeletal structure as a standalone aesthetic. Between the walls of an old nunnery in downtown Brooklyn work the two designers who bonded over a shared interest in exploring the insides of things. Their latest collection builds on that broken-down aesthetic to combine sturdy brass casting with delicate shapes like porcupine quills and feathers, for a look that is at once androgynous yet surprisingly feminine.

The duo's necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are infused with a tangible spirit of renewal that deGuzman and Miller want people to feel when they wear their pieces. They love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, the dark side clashing with the sweet, and the knowledge that you don’t always have to behave. This brass pendant, focusing on feathers is the perfect example of their aesthetic, juxtaposing the warm softness of feathers against the cool hardness of the brass.