Lightscape Teapot by Nymphenburg

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Designer Ruth Gurvich
Manufacturer Nymphenburg
Country Germany
Date 2012
Material Porcelain
Dimensions 6.75", .75 litres
Nymphenburg is the last pure porcelain factory in the world. Located on the grounds of a picturesque castle dating from 1664, the Nymphenburg porcelain workshops include an historic paste mill for manufacturing porcelain paste, a moulding and turning shop, and a painting shop in which historical and contemporary patterns are created. All work is done completely by hand forgoing any kind of automated production processes. This ensures the unparalleled delicacy and quality of Nymphenburg porcelain.

The Lightscape collection by Ruth Gurvich is a new collection of porcelain serving bowls and vases. Made to look like the most delicate of paper, down to the fiber structure, it remains unglazed and unpainted on the outside to capture the texture and feel of a paper model. The finely glazed inside creates a beautiful juxtaposition.

This unique tea pot makes a striking statement, both traditional and modern at the same time. Delicate yet solid, it is a study in contrasts. It is a teapot to use and to display.

Ruth Gurvich was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1961. She initially studied architecture but then switched to art, continuing her studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She established a reputation with her three-dimensional works made of paper, which pursue a delicate, wholly distinctive aesthetic, clearly evident in the Lightscape tea service. As a working material, paper enables her to introduce light, movement and vitality into things.

Ruth Gurvich lives and works in Paris.