Silver Alloy Touch Pen


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Designer Scott Wilson + MINIMAL
Manufacturer LUNATIK
Date 2012
Material Aluminum, PVD plated metal injection molded graphite clip, high grade silicone rubber grip, gel ink cartridge
Dimensions Length (stylus) 153 mm, Pen 157 mm, Diameter 11.22mm, Weight 0.3 ounces
LUNATIK TOUCH PEN: digital stylus and analog pen

Scott Wilson delivers thoughtful solutions across a range of industries and has created some of the world’s most recognized consumer design icons. Scott has been honored with over fifty international design awards and has been exhibited at Cooper-Hewitt, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

LUNATIK Touch Pen was born from a desire to integrate a digital stylus with a traditional pen. The dual-mode tip allows for a seamless transition from analog to digital with the click of a button. Perfect for tablet and touch screen devices.

Upon learning of his being chosen a recipient of a National Design Award, Scott Wilson said, “Being recognized by such a prestigious design organization and awarded for my body of work is the greatest honor of my career. It makes all the countless hours, obsessing over the details and product experience, even more meaningful.”