Stackable Grey Ming Bowls by ibride


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Designer Rachel & Benoit Convers
Manufacturer ibride
Country France
Date 2008
Material Melamine
Dimensions H - 15.4"
These unique dishes look like a classical Ming vase when stacked, but separate to reveal a beautiful melamine dinnerware set. This unique set of plates and bowls from French design team Rachel and Benoit Convers is the perfect mix of home décor and dinnerware. The Ming vase is the first piece in ibride’s series of ‘Faux Semblant’ dishes, stackable dinnerware that masquerades as a fine decorative objet. Made from durable melamin, these dishes are ideal for outdoor dining, dishwasher safe and break resistant. A simple, classic Asian vase when assembled, the Ming vase contains a complete set of serving bowls durable enough for outdoor living but beautiful enough to put on indoor display.