Uniform Wares 100 Series


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Designer Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek
Manufacturer Uniform Wares
Country United Kingdom
Date 2009
Material Satin brushed A4 stainless, mineral crystal, PU rubber
Dimensions 6" - 8" wrist fit
A minimalist, modern unisex watch, from the London based company, Uniform Wares. Inspired by British Industrial wall clocks, the clean lines of this watch are sublimely elegant.

The case is made from aerospace quality metal and the precision quartz movement, anodised aluminum case, urethane strap, and four-year battery life make this beautiful watch long lasting. Part of the permanent collection of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, these understated, exceptional watches are perfect for anyone looking for sleek design and superior quality.

Check out Uniform Wares' watch in action here.