Just Breathe, Fragrance 100ml Spray


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Designer Christopher Brosius
Manufacturer CB I Hate Perfume
Country United States
Date 2004
Material Alchohol-free perfume
Dimensions 100 ml
CHRISTOPHER BROSIUS has been described as one of the most innovative perfumers of the 21st Century. His line, CB I HATE PERFUME, is a unique non-alcohol perfume brand, made in Brooklyn, NY. The fragrances are based on his personal experiences, with names such as "At The Beach," and "Winter 1972," etc. The collection is created without any alcohol, so it’s gentle to the skin.

Just Breathe is a relaxation fragrance. Bamboo leaves, Japanese Green Tea, three varieties of Cedarwood, forest, and hint of incense combine to evoke tranquility and peace. Originally designed exclusively for Marie Claire Magazine, this limited edition scent is now available for anyone looking to steal a calm moment in a busy day.

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