Museum Souvenir Gradient Journal


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Designer Anton Ginzburg
Manufacturer Studio Radia
Country United States
Date 2004
Material Plastic cover, paper in various shades of red
Dimensions 8.5" x 5.75"
This notebook, based on the classic writer's journal, starts with a pure white page and graduates to a deeper and deeper red, page after page. It is one of a series of MUSEUM SOUVENIRS, commissioned by Gregory Krum, then retail director, to inspire new thinking about souvenirs and merchandise in a museum context.

ANTON GINZBURG is an artist and designer based in New York City. His work has crossed many different mediums including fashion art direction, television and print advertising, book design and fine art.

MUTINY, the first in the series was designed by ANTON GINZBURG. For this project, GINZBURG began the design process by analyzing the holdings of the typical museum store (traditionally a collection of mass-manufactured objects such as mugs, notebooks and replicas) and decrease them to a register of archetypal forms and materials. He then recreated these forms into his own lexicon of two-dimensional and graphic shapes. Following an "awakening" these two-dimensional shapes were MUTINY-ed into three-dimensional objects. The resulting line includes a porcelain plate, silk scarf, notebook, glassware, vase and scented candle.