Bruno Munari: Il Disegno, Il Design


Publisher Edizioni Corraini
Country Italy
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 11.5" x 9.5" x 0.5"; 248pp
Published on the occasion of the 2008 follow-up exhibition Bruno Munari: Il Disegno, Il Design at the Palazzo Della Pilotta in Parma, Italy, this book offers an in-depth illustrative survey of Munari's books, drawings, and print work. Essays by Gloria Bianchino, Renato Nicolini, and an interview with Munari from the original exhibition catalogue from 1979.

Along with this rich collection of more than 500 colour images from the Bruno Munari Fund in the CSAC Archive comes the corresponding index cards and a bibliography of the most important publications about Bruno Munari’s works. Text in Italian & English.